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Biennial Inspections

MBHA may now elect to conduct housing quality standards (HQS) inspections biennially rather than annually for assisted units. According to Notice PIH 2014-12, HUD is implementing this change on a limited basis pending stakeholder input through future rulemaking.

This option to perform biennial inspections applies to assisted units during the term of a HAP contract. MBHA must still perform inspections prior to executing a HAP contract, and on an interim basis when requested by a family or government official. For units which have been inspected during the last 12 months, MBHA may re-inspect within 24 months of the most recent inspection. For units which have not been inspected within the past 12 months, MBHA must conduct an annual inspection and may then schedule the next inspection within 24 months.

MBHA will use the results of previous inspections to make a determination whether an inspection will be completed every 12 months or every 24 months.